The Complete Guide To Beginner Spirituality Bundle

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This is the best deal I have ever offered! The complete guide to spirituality bundle contains all of my favorite ebooks and guides, a printable crystal shape identification poster, a printable pendulum board, and so many different phone pendulum wallpapers AND manifestation phone wallpapers all at a huge discount. 

This is everything you need to get started on your spiritual journey. It's over $150 worth of stuff marked down to just $24.95!

In this bundle you are going to get:

  • The 200+ Page Learn To Read Tarot Guide
  • Crystal Shapes and Their Meanings Guide (Complete with a free printable crystal shape guide you can hang on your wall or put in your journal.)
  • The Cleansing eBook that teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about cleansing your space.
  • How To Manifest Anything You Want guide that teaches you how to manifest, well, anything into your life.
  • The Complete How To Guide For Cleansing and Charging Your Crystals so you can get the most use out of their energy.
  • Manifestation With Visualization - an ebook that teaches you how to use the power of visualization to manifest a better life.
  • The 150+ Page Guide Tarot Readings For Beginners which is not only great for those of you just starting to learn to read Tarot, but for those of you who have been reading it for years as well.
  • 15 Ways To Prepare Your Tarot Deck. These are some really great ways to get a brand new or handed down tarot deck ready to give you awesome readings. 
  • How To Use a Scrying Pendulum Guide With A Printable Pendulum Board so you can get all the answers to your yes or no questions.
  • Over a dozen of my favorite pendulum board phone wallpapers so you can turn your phone into a pendulum board on the go wherever you are.
  • A Book so you can be ready to invite love into your life.
  • A set of ten manifestation phone wallpapers (These are exclusive to this bundle and can't be purchased anywhere else!)


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